The following are excerpts of reviews of New Orleans on Parade. See the full reviews, which offer additional praise as well as critiques.

“This book adds an important chapter to the field of southern history…. Souther’s well-crafted and intelligent book carries on, chapter after chapter, with exquisite detail and accomplished analyses.”
Karen C. Krahulik, Brown University (American Historical Review, Oct. 2007)

“The glittering allure of New Orleans is manifest in Souther’s detailed analysis of the city’s place-making tactics.”
Char Miller, Trinity University (Journal of American History, June 2007)

“The phenomenon of authentic New Orleans culture being paraded or prostituted in order to fill hotel rooms and convention banquet halls offer a rich array of materials for understanding post-World War II New Orleans…. Souther does a great job of succinctly stitching the story of tourism into the city’s overall economic picture throughout his study.”
Michael Mizell-Nelson, University of New Orleans (Reviews in American History, June 2008)

“Souther’s account of New Orleans stresses the importance of place and its preciousness that impedes powerful political elites and city planners from whatever they please for the sake of economic profits…. These symbolic constraints on the production of place were every bit as important as the political and economic constraints the city’s planners faced.”
Frederick Wherry, University of Michigan (Journal of Urban History, July 2010)

Also reviewed in Journal of Economic History (2007), Journal of Popular Culture (2007), The Historian (2008), Journal of American Ethnic History (2008), Journal of Social History (2008), Material Culture (2009), Journal of American Folklore (2011), and Community Development (2012).